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Math Department

The mission of the mathematics department of Port Richmond High School is to enable all students to creatively apply all they have learned and through our instruction, continue to reach the highest possible standards in mathematics. 

We believe all students can achieve.
We believe all math students can bring their knowledge of mathematics to other disciplines. 
We believe we can help students validate the mathematics necessary for all life experiences.

As teachers we will work independently and collectively through the sharing of ideas, methods and materials in order to achieve the overall success of our students. We will provide our students with an appreciation and understanding of mathematics and its importance.   It is our responsibility to encourage each student to work to their fullest potential in order to achieve the high mathematical standards we believe they are all capable of.  

Mr. Aziz
9—12th Grade
Robotics Director
Columbia University (M.S.)
Columbia University (M.B.A.)
Brooklyn College (M.Ed.)

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Ms. Crowley
9th Grade
Varsity Softball Coach
University of Connecticut, (BA), 1997
University of Connecticut, (M.Ed.), 1998

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Ms. Goldstein
10-12 Grade

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Mrs. Levine
9—12th Grade

New York University (B.S.), 1978
Long Island University (M.A.), 1981

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Mrs. Tina Pryce
Assistant Principal
Wagner College, B.S. Mathematics
College of Staten Island, MA Education
College of Staten Island, School Leadership

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Phone | (718) 420-2199
Mr. C. Thomas
10, 11, 12th Grade

Alabama State University (B.A.), 1981
College of Staten Island (M.S), 1999

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Ms. Batsis
10, 11th Grade

St. Joseph's college (B.S.)
Mercy College (M.A.)

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Mrs. Gambino
9-11th Grade
College of Staten Island (B.S.), 
College of Staten Island, (M.Ed.)

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10-12 Grade

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Contact :
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Mr. Spaventa
9, 12th Grade
Instructional Technology Coordinator
St. John's University (M.S), 2001
College of Staten Island (M.A.)

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Ms. Ward
9—12th Grade
School Program Chair
Varsity Cheerleading Coach
College of Staten Island (B.S.), 2004
College of Staten Island (M.S.Ed.), 2009

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