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Health & Physical Education

Port Richmond High School’s Physical Education program continues to offer challenging and innovative activities for all students.  Our activities include a Cardio-Room, a Fitness Center, Social Dance, Selective Courses (sport activities), a Nautilus Room and Aerobics.  These activities are designed to promote positive, lifelong, healthy attitudes and safe behaviors.

 Students are provided with the following opportunities:

  •  To develop skill-related fitness, such as balance, coordination, agility, strength and speed.
  •  To develop and maintain physical fitness, including cardiovascular endurance, flexibility & muscular strength and endurance.
  •  To learn and apply skills and knowledge in a wide range of sports and lifetime activities and
  •  To develop personal living skills that include: respect for others, cooperation, collaboration, trust, communication, honesty and fair play, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution and goal setting.

 Topics for our Health Curriculum include: Emotional and Mental Health, Violence and Injury Prevention, Nutrition and Physical Activity, Tobacco and Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Reducing the Risk (Pregnancy, STI and HIV).

Ms. Cena- A.P
9th - 12th  Grade

St. Francis College (B.S.), 1995
The College of Staten Island (Ms.Ed.), 1999 
The College of Staten Island (Administration), 2003

Contact Ms. Cena:
Phone | (718) 420-2177    

Ms. Lee
9th Grade

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Mr. Meyerson
10th - 12th Grade

SUNY Brockport (B.S.), 1998
Touro College (Ms.Ed.), 2009 

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Ms. Spitalleri
9th - 12th Grade

Brooklyn College (Ms.Ed.), 2000

Contact Ms. Spitalleri:
Email | 
Mr. DiMartino
10th - 12th Grade, Dean

LIU (B.S.), 1995
Adelphi University (Ms.Ed.), 1998

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Mr. Marinello
9th Grade, Dean

Contact Mr. Marinello:
Ms. Salg
9th - 12th Grade

Wagner College (Ms.Ed.)

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