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Wagner College and Port Richmond High School enjoy a nationally acclaimed partnership that brings tremendous resources and opportunities to our school community as well as the greater Port Richmond community.First broached by Wagner College President Dr. Richard Guarasci and Principal Timothy Gannon in 2008 as a way to address community needs and augment Wagner's highly successful Civic Engagement Program, the partnership has resulted in tremendous improvement to members of our local community.  The partnership encourages sustainable relationships among members of the Port Richmond High School and Wagner College communities. We see the impact daily through enhanced student learning, increased civic awareness, the development of student leadership skills and most especially through a renewed school environment which fosters college awareness and college readiness.


The Wagner College Raider Center


Located on the fourth floor, the Wagner College Raiders Center provides Port Richmond High School students with access to a college experience embedded in their own high school and enforces the goal of attending college as an attainable possibility for all students. Specifically, the Raiders Center supports Port Richmond High School students through three initiatives. Firstly, it supports, coordinates, and grows the Port Richmond Partnership Leadership Academy through weekly seminars, daily 1:1 meetings, and special events. The center also connects Port Richmond High School students' academic interests with their passion for community engagement by facilitating the partnership with Wagner College students both inside and outside of the high school classroom. Finally, the center serves as a space for high school students to engage with the college application process, and the college campus experience by offering application workshops and information sessions. In whole, the Wagner College Raiders Center is aligned with the Port Richmond Partnership's mission of enhancing student learning, raising civic awareness, and supporting collaborations that address significant challenges.


Port Richmond Partnership leadership Academy (PRPLA)


This unique program designed for our high school students is designed to deepen students' academic abilities as well as their capacity building skills to affect positive change locally. PRPLA is a three year program beginning with a cohort of rising juniors who spend five weeks during the summer focused on developing strong writing and math skills necessary for success at the college level.  Students also contribute to a community-focused internship program which directly and positively impacts the Port Richmond community. Students receive a stipend, a portable computer and live on campus as college students for two weeks of the summer experience.  This work continues throughout the school year as weekly seminars are conducted by the onsite Wagner staff in the Wagner College Raider Center.

In the second and third years Academy students take courses with Wagner Faculty earning college credit and becoming oriented to college level work even before high school graduation.


Upon completion of this multi-year commitment, participants will be eligible to apply for one of four FULL TUITION scholarships to Wagner College! Each scholarship is worth over $200,000.


    "The Leadership Academy has been beyond my expectations. This is the most inspirational thing that I have done in all my  summers. The civic studies part of the program was my favorite, and it really changed my thinking about  community service. With civic engagement, you're actually connecting with the people"  

                                                                                                             Malitha Desilva, PRHS Class of 2016


Wagner College Professors and Port Richmond - The Professor Raider Program


The Professor Raider Program provides opportunities for Wagner Professors and their college students to apply their learning within our high school community.  

Nursing:  During the 2015-16 school year, students in the Wagner College Nursing Program, along with Professor Nancy Cherofsky, are partnering with PRHS Culinary students on several nutrition initiatives.  Nursing and culinary students are developing healthier recipes while also partnering on the development of our vertical vegetable and herb garden.

Education: During the 2015-16 school year, Education Professor Jason Fitzgerald will be providing instructional coaching support to our new teachers and assisting them in the development of their portfolio of evidence required for state certification.  Professor Fitzgerald will also be working with Wagner Education students who are assigned to our school for student teaching. Professor also regularly conducts a college level education course right at our school.